- This adobe home was built by George Buford, a prominent mine owner, in 1880. Before it became a bed and breakfast, the house was owned by many prominent social figures, including John Wayne. Visitors have reported seeing the ghost of a young man wandering the halls and have heard the doorbell ringing and someone knocking on walls in the middle of the night... Read More >

Tombstone Arizona Ghost at the Buford House - Strange events captured... See the Video >



The Place of Scary - Haunted Houses - The doorbell rings in the middle of the night, but no one is there. Guests have experienced knocking on the walls, and the faucet in the bathroom down the hall, turning itself off and on. Strange lights are said to be seen, and cold spots that move around.... Visit page >

Haunted Places - Allegedly haunted by the ghost of a man who, in a jealous rage over his woman walking home with another man, decided to shoot her and then himself. Luckily, the woman survived his murder attempt and he was the only one who died. He continues to haunt the house where he died... Visit page>

Tombstone Paranornal Investigations - In July, 2002, Jolene and I traveled to Tombstone Arizona and stayed in the Buford House, a reportedly haunted bed and breakfast. Prior to this trip, I was extremely skeptical that ghosts really were anything other than the product of overactive imaginations. However, the events of that night changed my perspective completely.... Read More >

Arizona Desert Ghost Hunters - On a rainy night in July 2005 the team invited six guests, mostly psychics, to join them for an investigation at the Buford House Bed and Breakfast in Tombstone. The house was built on Safford Street in 1880... Read More >

The Buford House
113 E Safford Street
Tombstone, AZ 85638